Rain Flowers



 Members shall at all times comply with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, decency and respect in dealing with PhytoLuxury and its Members.


No Member shall conduct themselves in such a way as to offend, irritate or embarrass another Member or a PhytoLuxury employee.

solicitation is prohibited.

Appropriate language is expected at all times.


PhytoLuxury adheres to the strictest confidentiality standards and pledges to keep all records and personal information concerning the Members and their guests in the strictest confidence.

You must respect the wishes and privacy of fellow Members and their families. No pictures, filming or recordings are to be taken unless prior permission has been granted by concerned the individuals


The rules set forth are part of the terms and conditions of the membership agreement. They are designed to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of the Members.


Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension or expulsion of a Member. No refund or exchange will be offered.
PhytoLuxury reserves the right to amend any and all rules, regulations and pricing.